Ginza Sony Park presents 「Creepy Nuts」Special Live

An experimental entertainment show crossing over between the physical and virtual worlds, produced jointly by Ginza Sony Park, which has continued with its exploratory work using spaces to give birth to new creative content, and the hip-hop unit Creepy Nuts.

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As a new undertaking, Ginza Sony Park, which has continued with its exploratory work using spaces to give birth to new creative content, is hosting an experimental live streaming event that features the hip-hop unit Creepy Nuts, making use of the leading-edge video technology Virtual Production.*

  • Virtual Production: A video shooting method combining large LED display panels, cinema cameras, and camera tracking system. In the case of In-Camera VFX, one such approach, virtual backgrounds consisting mainly of 3D computer graphics are cast on the LED display panels, while cameras, synchronized by a real-time engine, shoot objects and people in real spaces. In this way, video production that combines computer graphics and live action images is realized without the use of postprocessing.
Date and time

Starts 7:30 p.m. Thursday, September 22, 2022

* This program has finished.


YouTube (Sony Park official channel)

Performers Creepy Nuts
Cooperation Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.
Cost Free of charge

Creepy Nuts Profile

Creepy Nuts is a rap unit formed by R-Shitei, winner of three successive Japanese rap championships, and DJ Matsunaga, winner of the DMC World DJ Championships. They made their major-label debut with Sony Music in 2017. Their song Katsute Tensai Datta Oretachi E released in 2020 drew further attention to the unit. In 2021 they released the album Case. The song Nobishiro from that album gained more than 300 million TikTok views, as the entire album became the talk of social media. On their nationwide tour in September to promote their album, all shows were sold out, including one in the spacious Yokohama Arena. Besides their radio show "Creepy Nuts' All Night Nippon," airing on Nippon Broadcasting since April 2022, DJ Matsunaga is a regular on the NHK-E TV program "Numa ni hamatte kiite mita." They are active on many fronts, from TV dramas to commercials. Their new album Ensemble Play is set for release on September 7. The release will be accompanied by a nationwide tour, with the finale taking place December 8 at Saitama Super Arena.

Sony's Initiatives in Virtual Production

Through the search for new cross-Group businesses (corporate projects), Sony is expanding its initiatives in Japan and the US in the area of Virtual Production, with each company collaborating while drawing on their individual strengths. The video production industry has high hopes for Virtual Production, which enables videos to be shot without the constraints of time and place. By setting up a permanent Virtual Production studio at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa BASE, a creative center of Sony PCL Inc. in Koto Ward, Tokyo , and in other ways developing and providing new means of expression and solutions that increase the degrees of freedom in video expression, Sony is helping creators give form to their ideas and bring excitement to our lives.