Chiaki Kadota
11:00 A.M. — 7:00 P.M. / Wed., April 20 — Mon., May 2, 2022
*This program has ended.
Life is full of surprises.
But that’s why I love life and enjoy it every day.
The people around me too, (face all kinds of surprises) but they seem to be enjoying life.
I think that’s because they know how to connect with “their own freedom.”
I too, have several ways of achieving this, and one of them is to take a stroll by the sea every day by myself.

The sea you face on your own is very tranquil.
It offers me wonderful views that bring together forever changing colors, light, sounds, temperatures and aromas. I respond with all five senses.
The senses then blend with my emotions, and I attain freedom when the boundary between them disappears.
I am filled with joy upon sensing the existence of a beautiful space within me.
I capture and portray this moment every day.

My pictures are free.
I hope everyone looking at them will fully enjoy the beauty of their own bodies and senses.
State of the exhibits 1
State of the exhibits 2
State of the exhibits 3
Part of the work
Atelier equipment
Kadota's favourite items
Kadota creating her work
[Seascape] Key Visual
Chiaki Kadota
Chiaki Kadota
She began her creative activities in 2021.
She focuses on the changes in people’s hearts, the transience of nature, impressions of artificial objects and how they all relate to one another.
She captures the light and colors emitted by their internal states, as well as the radiance and decay of life, and portrays the invisible words and emotions through her own colors.
She uses extensive media, including paper and canvas, as well as records, clothes, skateboards and other human-made products (things that have fulfilled their roles as products or objects other than for painting).
Sony Park Mini
B1 Nishi-Ginza Parking, 5-3-1 Chisaki, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 (Google Maps / Video access guide)

[Opening Hours / Duration]
11:00 A.M. — 7:00 P.M. / Wed., April 20 — Mon., May 2, 2022
*This program has ended.

[Admission Fee]
Free (No reservation required)

  • In addition to Chiaki Kadota’s exhibition, a part of her Hayama Studio will be exhibited at Sony Park Mini.
  • Chiaki Kadota may appear at Sony Park Mini on an irregular basis during the exhibition to engage in her creative activities.
  • Her Seascape works on display will be placed on sale at Sony Park Mini. (*1,2,3,4)

(*1) Note that inquiries regarding the sales of works will not be answered by phone, mail or on social media.
(*2) Payments are to be made by credit cards only. Cash payments will not be accepted.
(*3) Purchased works will be displayed for the duration of the exhibition, and shipped out after mid-May.
(*4) Purchases may not be canceled.

  • Sony Park Mini is a tiny space of around 30m². You are asked to note that a limit will be placed on the number of people allowed to enter the space at any one time.
  • Any changes to the program will be announced on Sony Park’s official social media account.

[Measures to prevent infection and requests for visitors]
Measures will be implemented to prevent the spread of infections at Sony Park Mini, to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Visitors are asked to cooperate in having their temperatures checked when entering the facility. People with temperatures over 37.5 ℃ may not be allowed to enter.
  • Visitors are asked to wear masks inside the facility.
  • Visitors are asked to cooperate in disinfecting their hands when entering the facility.
  • Visitors are asked to cooperate in maintaining social distancing.
  • Alcohol disinfectant will be available.
  • Places inside the facility touched or used by many people will be disinfected or ventilated regularly.
  • Staff will wear masks, check their temperatures before coming to work, and regularly gargle their mouths, as well as wash and disinfect their hands.