Shintaro Uchinuma’s “New Books Of Interest Released Today” Book Store

11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. / Thu., Jun 22 – Sun., Jul 9, 2023
*This program has ended.
Hi, my name is Shintaro Uchinuma.

I’m involved in all kinds of work relating to books, while running the bookstore B&B, which sells new books, 'value books' and has an online bookstore.

In doing so, I have been working steadily since last year on introducing new books every day during the week, that piques my interest, and go on sale that day, on my personal Twitter account with the hashtag, #今日発売の気になる新刊 (New Books Of Interest Released Today)

To begin with, do you know how many new books are released in Japan? The answer is around 70,000 titles a year. Fewer books go on sale on weekends and public holidays; more than 90 % are released during the week. Almost 200 books are released even on a quiet day during the week, with over 400 titles released on a busy day.
From among these titles, I choose 4 or 8 books, or sometimes 12 or 16 on a good day. I always narrow down my choice to a number divisible by 4 so their images fit well on my Twitter page.

I was given an opportunity to work with Sony Park Mini, which led to the setting up of Shintaro Uchinuma’s “New Books Of Interest Released Today” Book Store.
At this real store, I have taken the liberty of choosing only one book a day. I choose the book that piques my interest the most on that day, and sell it through the store.

Of course, I love bookstores that sell many titles. But I felt that it would be interesting to have a bookstore that had a huge stack of just one title that it was intent on selling, giving customers no choice but to buy it. Stacked on the table is the one, fresh and brand spanking new title for that day.

I also provide customers with recorded interviews of the people who were involved in editing, marketing and writing the book.
This was something that I had always wanted to do.
I want to take this opportunity to not only introduce new books every day, but also listen to the stories told by the people involved in books every day, and I hope to continue doing this even after the project has ended… that’s my reckless desire.
I’ll probably be able to continue doing this, so if you’re interested, you can follow me on @numabooks.

Shintaro Uchinuma
From the outside
State of the exhibits
The most interesting fresh and vibrant book released on that day
Book Coordinator Shintaro Uchinuma
You can also enjoy audio content of interviews Mr. Uchinuma conducted with authors and editors of the book
New publications that are picked up will be archived from the next day onward
Few books are released on weekends and holidays, and 90% are released on weekdays
There is also a corner where you can buy books that Mr. Uchinuma introduced in the past
Visitors at Sony Park Mini
You can relax with a book and a drink from Nishi-Ginza Parking Coffee
On the last day of the exhibition, new books released during the exhibition will be on sale
Original bookmark stickers will be given to those who purchase the book
[Shintaro Uchinuma’s “New Books Of Interest Released Today” Book Store] Key Visual
Shintaro Uchinuma

Born in 1980. Graduated from Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Commerce. Representative of NUMABOOKS, book coordinator. Director of Value Books, Inc. He opened the new bookstore "Bookstore B&B" in 2012, which serves beer and holds daily events, the publishing house "NUMABOOKS Publishing Department" in 2017, and the diary specialty store "Diary Shop Tsukihi" in 2020. He also serves as a director of Sousansha Inc. which operates "Bonustrack" in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. He is the author of "Kore kara no honya yomihon" (The Future Bookstore Reader) (NHK Publishing Co., Ltd.), "Book no mirai wo sagasu tabi Taipei," "Book no mirai wo sagasu tabi Seoul," "Book no gyakushuu" (Asahi Press), and others. Currently lives in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo and Miyota, Nagano. Father of two children. He introduces #今日発売の気になる新刊 (New Books Of Interest Released Today) every weekday on Twitter.
Sony Park Mini
B1 Nishi-Ginza Parking, 5-3-1 Chisaki, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 (Google Maps / Video access guide)

[Opening Hours / Duration]
11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. / Thu., Jun 22 – Sun., Jul 9, 2023
*This program has ended.

[Admission Fee]

  • Payments can be made at the venue by credit card, transportation e-money, iD, QUICpay.

  • Sony Park Mini is a tiny space of around 30m². You are asked to note that a limit will be placed on the number of people allowed to enter the space at any one time.
  • Any changes to the program will be announced on Sony Park’s official social media account.

[Measures to prevent infection]
Measures will be implemented to prevent the spread of infections at Sony Park Mini.
  • Alcohol disinfectant will be available.
  • Reinforce disinfection and ventilation.
  • Staff will check their temperatures before coming to work, and regularly gargle their mouths, as well as wash and disinfect their hands.