Image of the XR Catch experience. A woman is waving her hand with her smartphone at a man on the other side of the monitor.

Park Lab EXPT.07 Does catch cross the boundaries of play?

11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. / Tue., Jul 11 – Tue., Jul 25, 2023
*This program has ended.
As part of the "Sony Park Mini Summer Trilogy" for both children and adults during the summer vacation period, three programs will be held under the themes of "Catch Ball," "Ice Cream," and "Haunted House."

The first installment is "Park Lab EXPT.07 Does catch cross the boundaries of play?"

Park Lab is a program intended to offer a peek into the future discovered within everyday life by Sony.
It is an experimental space designed to encourage people to see things in daily life from slightly different perspectives.

Park Lab EXPT.07 is an online experiment connecting Sony Park Mini and Sony Store Ginza, which are located more than 200 meters apart, to play "catch-ball" by fusing real and virtual sounds. This is an experiment in "catch-ball" play that relies on sound, fusing the real and virtual.

This is a new play experience called "XR Catch," which was developed using Sony's video, audio, and sensing technologies and incorporating inclusive design methods with the help of visually impaired people.

Through this experiment, we will consider how to create a society in which everyone can participate and play more freely.

▶︎ About the design concept and messages from designers
From the outside
"Sony Park Mini" and "Sony Store Ginza" can be connected online to enjoy playing catch with a partner who is more than 200 meters away
State of the exhibits (Sony Park Mini)
State of the exhibits (Sony Store Ginza)
Experience (Sony Park Mini)
Experience (Sony Store Ginza)
A wide range of visitors, from children to adults, and the place seems to be bustling with people
Sony Park Mini also offers caps
Experienced visitors can also write their impressions of the experience on sticky notes and post them
On the last day of the exhibition, many impressions were spread all over the wall
The Ginza underground concourse
[Park Lab EXPT.07 Does catch cross the boundaries of play?] Key Visual
Sony Park Mini
B1 Nishi-Ginza Parking, 5-3-1 Chisaki, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 (Google Maps / Video access guide)

[Opening Hours / Duration]
11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. / Tue., Jul 11 – Tue., Jul 25, 2023
*This program has ended.

[Admission Fee]

"Sony Park Mini" located in the basement of Ginza Sukiyabashi Crossing and "Sony Store Ginza" located in Ginza 4-chome Crossing, which are more than 200 meters apart, will be connected to experiment with a new type of play that combines the real and virtual worlds, called "XR Catch."

* "Sony Store Ginza"
GINZA PLACE 4F, 5-8-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

  • Sony Park Mini is a tiny space of around 30m². You are asked to note that a limit will be placed on the number of people allowed to enter the space at any one time.
  • Any changes to the program will be announced on Sony Park’s official social media account.

[Measures to prevent infection]
Measures will be implemented to prevent the spread of infections at Sony Park Mini.
  • Alcohol disinfectant will be available.
  • Reinforce disinfection and ventilation.
  • Staff will check their temperatures before coming to work, and regularly gargle their mouths, as well as wash and disinfect their hands.
Lead user with visual impairment: Teruhiro Nakagawa
Inclusive designer: Keita Takizawa
MUSVI Corporation
Producer: Taeko Kitahara
Tech Director, Creative Engineer: Kousei Ikeda, Ryuki Nagahora, Shunki Hasegawa, Keita Kuroki, Munenori Sawamura
Sound Artist: Junichi Akagawa