Brain Rendezvous

11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. / Thu., Oct 5 – Thu., Oct 26, 2023
*This program has ended.
When you want to communicate your feelings to someone, how would you go about doing so?
Through speaking, writing, or gestures?
In the near future, we might be able to communicate our feelings to someone using brainwaves.

"Brain Rendezvous" is a system that offers a glimpse into this future. It enables augmented communication between two people by visualizing their brainwaves simultaneously.

At times, the brainwaves of two people may synchronize, while at other moments, they may diverge. This is our attempt to explore communication at an inner level, which is typically concealed.

"Brain Rendezvous" is developed by Sony Design Consulting and Deloitte Analytics. These entities have been working together to uncover the cognitive processes involved in design, and its applications. The system offers novel experiences, hinting at the mysterious and thrilling future of communication using neurotechnology.

What surprises might this form of communication bring to us?
Please enjoy the potential of future communication.

From the outside
State of the exhibits
Brain waves are measured with a device fitted to the frontal area of the person who experiences it.
The brain waves of the subject are visualized as 3D objects and the shape changes according to the state of brain waves. When the brainwave states of the two people who experience the system become closer, the distance between the two objects also becomes closer, and they overlap each other.
At the end of the experience, you will know the average and maximum "Rendezvous level" of their brainwave synchronization rate.
You will also receive a sticker based on your rendezvous level.
Visitors at Sony Park Mini
On the last day of the exhibition, many impressions were spread all over the wall.
Joint research project members are Sony Design Consulting and Deloitte Analytics.
The Ginza underground concourse
Sony Design Consulting

Sony Design Consulting provides design consulting and services to clients and partners outside of the Sony Group, leveraging the knowledge and experience we have cultivated as the in-house design department of Sony Group Corporation. We aim to create new business opportunities and contribute to solving social issues and creating cultural value through collaboration.
Project Members: Hiroshi Fukuhara (Creative Director), Shusuke Eshita (Senior Design Consultant), Saki Kaneda (Art Director)
Deloitte Analytics

Deloitte Analytics is one of the global services provided by Deloitte. By combining the expertise of AI and data analytics specialists with deep industry knowledge, we enable companies to solve their management challenges. With our dedicated research and development team (R&D), we are committed to developing cutting-edge technologies related to AI, Neurotechnology, and Data utilization towards implementing them in society.
Project Members: Makoto Fukushima (R&D Manager), Yasutaka Honda
Sony Park Mini
B1 Nishi-Ginza Parking, 5-3-1 Chisaki, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 (Google Maps / Video access guide)

[Opening Hours / Duration]
11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. / Thu., Oct 5 – Thu., Oct 26, 2023
*This program has ended.
*Fri., Oct 20 – Thu., Oct 26, we will exhibit at "DESIGNART TOKYO 2023", one of the largest design & art festivals in Japan.

[Admission Fee]

  • Experience time: approx 10-15 minutes
  • Number of experiences: 1 to 2 people; 1 person can experience it with a Sony Park Mini staff member.
  • How to experience: You will be seated with an EEG measuring device attached to your frontal area.
  • After the experience, you can take home an original sticker that shows the degree of rendezvous between the two of you.

  • Sony Park Mini is a tiny space of around 30 m². You are asked to note that a limit will be placed on the number of people allowed to enter the space at any one time.
  • Any changes to the program will be announced on Sony Park’s official social media account.

[Measures to prevent infection]
Measures will be implemented to prevent the spread of infections at Sony Park Mini.
  • Alcohol disinfectant will be available.
  • Reinforce disinfection and ventilation.
  • Staff will check their temperatures before coming to work, and regularly gargle their mouths, as well as wash and disinfect their hands.