Bar Morita

Bar Morita
Bar Morita

An Emblem of Unchanging DNA: Bar to Open in Commemoration of 100 Years Since the Birth of Akio Morita, Who Established the Sony Building

Bar Morita will open on B4/Basement 4 in commemoration of 100 years since the birth of Akio Morita, one of the founders of Sony and the man who established the Sony Building. The Sony Building was a place to which Morita was particularly emotionally attached during his life at Sony.

Bar Morita will be located facing Sukibayashi Crossing, directly below what was the 30.31-square-meter Sony Square, which Morita called the "Garden of Ginza," the emblem of the facility opened in the neighborhood that became the impetus for building Ginza Sony Park. Patrons will be served by a bartender who worked for 10 years warming sake in the back alley of Kobikicho, Ginza.

Patrons can also see objects cherished by Mr. Morita here, such as the employee ID, passport, and watch he owned while alive. The bar will aim to be a place where those who love Sony, Ginza, the Sony Building, or Ginza Sony Park can meet casually and talk to one another before facing their next challenge.

Duration: 2021.6.26-9.30

Location: B4/Basement 4

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* This program has finished.

[Instagram] Non-alcoholic cocktails provided at Bar Morita
[Instagram] Non-alcoholic short cocktails provided at Bar Morita
[Instagram] Objects cherished by Mr. Morita when he was alive such as his watch and employee ID are displayed at Bar Morita
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Exterior photo of Bar Morita
Interior photo of Bar Morita


All drinks (non-alcoholic available): 1,000 yen each (tax included) *Cash only

Bar Morita Overview


2021.6.26 (Sat)-2021.9.30 (Thu)

* This program has finished.


12:00 - 20:00 (last order at 19:00)

*12:00 - 19:00 (L.O.18:30) on 9.30 (Thu)

*Alcohol sales will be suspended until 9.30 (Thu)

Closed days

July: 5 (Mon), 12 (Mon), 13 (Tue), 17 (Sat), 19 (Mon), 26 (Mon), 30 (Fri)

August: 2 (Mon), 10 (Tue) - 16 (Mon), 23 (Mon), 24(Tue), 30 (Mon)

September: 13(Mon), 14(Tue)


B4/Basement 4


free admission




Akio Morita Library (Director: Naoko Morita) and Morita Aji no Yakata

  • We ask that minors do not use the bar or accompany guests to the bar.
  • We ask that guests do not bring outside food or drinks into the bar.
  • Menu items sold, business hours, and closing days may be subject to change.

Linked program: sales of a 100th-birthday limited-edition commemorative sake set

One hundred 100th-birthday limited-edition commemorative sake sets will be sold on Basement 1/B1.

Dates and times

2021.6.26 (Sat)-7.2 (Fri), 11:00-19:00

*This products sales have finished.


PARK B1/Basement 1


Morita Co., Ltd.


5,000 yen (tax included), cash only

*Limited to 100 sets

*Up to two sets per person

sales of a 100th-birthday limited-edition commemorative sake set