Sony’s “electric advertising signboard” in 1958 and the Sukiyabashi intersection (left),Exterior view of the Sony Building (middle),Bird’s eye view of the Ginza Sony Park(right)

About Project

The Ginza Sony Park Project is a project for the renovation of the Sony Building, with three aims: to create a new hub for Sony brand promotion, offer people interactive new experiences, and make Ginza a more comfortable town.

Ginza Sony Park opened on August 9, 2018, as an ever-changing park experience in the heart of the metropolis. Wanting to make even the process of reconstructing the 1966 Sony Building "uniquely Sony," the company embraced the incredibly innovative idea of turning the space into a park during the building's demolition.

[News Release] Sony Sets "Ginza Sony Park Project" in Motion

For three years, Ginza Sony Park held various events, live performances and other programs that stimulated surprise and playful enjoyment among visitors throughout the year. From when it opened in August 2018 to when it closed at the end of September 2021, 8.54 million people visited the park.

[Information] Ginza Sony Park has closed for the construction for the final phase

Sony has set new experimental activities in motion for the new Ginza Sony Park, which is currently under construction and aims to be completed in 2024.

Sony Building


The Sony Building opened on April 29, 1966, as the company's brand promotion base. The concept behind the Sony Building was, in the words of Sony co-founder Akio Morita, "to create not only a showroom for Sony, but also a meaningful piece of architecture unto itself, which can function as a gateway to all of Ginza."  The corner plot facing the street crossing was named Sony Square and used to hold various events throughout the four seasons to delight the people of the city.

image of the Sony Building

Ginza Sony Park

2018 - 2021

The area was opened to the public as Ginza Sony Park for three years between August 2018 and the end of September 2021. Creating a public space in a town like Ginza and a prime location right next to Sukiyabashi Crossing presented an incredible challenge for Sony.

The flat above-ground area and the expansive below-ground space created a vertically themed three-dimensional park that integrated areas both above-ground and below-ground.

image of the Ginza Sony Park

New Ginza Sony Park

2024 -

The New Ginza Sony Park, scheduled to be completed in 2024, will inherit the concept of being a park that provides a public space in the heart of the city.

The Sony Building featured a seamless spatial design with a flower-petal structure, which was considered very innovative at the time. It expressed the concept of "taking a vertical stroll in Ginza." Sony aims to once again express a unique and playful space with New Ginza Sony Park.

image of the New Ginza Sony Park


Donations at #013 QUEEN IN THE PARK: Experience Music with Queen

2020.1.22 - 3.15
Conducted a fund raiser at the "#013 QUEEN IN THE PARK: Experience Music with Queen," and the funds were donated to "The Mercury Phoenix Trust."
Donation Box of #013 QUEEN IN THE PARK: Experience Music with Queen

Ginza Sony Park 1st Anniversary

203 programs were held during the year, and the number of visitors exceeded 3.85 million.
Ginza Sony Park 1st Anniversary Sigin

Fund-raising and charity sale at the For the Next Generation exhibit.

2019.3.8 - 4.14
Donations from the "For the Next Generation" exhibition and proceeds from charity sales were donated to the "Emergency Disaster and Recovery Fund for Children."
charity Can batch

Charity Sale of Sony Building Commemorative Louvers

2017.3.1 - 6.30
The louvers that were used to decorate the outer wall of the Sony Building were processed and put up in a limited-edition charity sale as"Sony Building Commemorative Louvers."
Sony Building Commemorative Louvers

Initiative to use green energy

We have an ongoing initiative to use environmentally-friendly "Green energy."
Bird's eye view of the night scenery at  Sony Building

Post-Renovation Sony Building

The newly renovated Sony Building was mostly white in appearance, with a large, CG-incorporated mural on the side facing Harumi Avenue, and with a new setup that lit up the glass walls of each floor in the nighttime.
Bird's eye view of the Sony Building

Sony Building Opens

The Sony Building opened on April 29th, 1966, as a Sony information hub. (A three-dimensional, promenade-style composite showroom building with eight above-ground and five below-ground floors, and a flower-petal inner structure.)
Bird's eye view of the Sony Building when the company was founded

Sony Showroom

In 1959, we opened a showroom just short of 66 m2 on the first floor of the building displaying billboard.
Sony Showroom

Neon Lights in Sukiyabashi

It was 5:01 P.M., December 19th, 1957, when a neon"SONY" sign lit up the night sky at the corner of Sukiyabashi in Ginza (the former site of the Sony Building), in our effort to get more recognition for the company.
a neon“SONY” sign lit up the night sky at the corner of Sukiyabashi in Ginza