Ginza and Ginza Sony Park

The Sony Building in 1966, Ginza Sony Park in 2018, and the new Ginza Sony Park in 2024.

For over 50 years, we have continued to organize unique activities in Ginza, Tokyo.

We always kept Ginza in mind as we carried out various activities, such as programs that could only be realized in Ginza, and initiatives created specifically for Ginza. We have an inseparable and indivisible relationship with Ginza.

What we have listed here are a record of the past and the future of Ginza Sony Park and Ginza.

Exploring an "interface" connecting us to Ginza

Just by adjusting our ways of relating to Ginza a little bit, we discover a limitless number of ways to enjoy or use the district. "Good News for Cities" podcast and Sony Park Mini are conducting an interview series set in Ginza with "Interface" as the theme. (available only in Japanese)

A man and two women in town are looking up a little and smiling.

New ways to enjoy Ginza through "What I want to do"

"I want to do that in Ginza." "I want to do this in Ginza." Sony Park Mini and professionals from various fields who know Ginza well will introduce a variety of "What I want to do" that can be fulfilled in Ginza and spots that can satisfy "What I want to do"

Many cards with various things people “would like to do,” such as “I want to be covered in cheese” and “I want to be moved by gelato,” are arranged on a wooden table.

A blank space that brightens the Sukiyabashi Crossing

We turned the temporary enclosure around the construction takes place to complete the new Ginza Sony Park to a "50-meter art wall." The field of gerbera in full bloom that brightens Ginza is a feast for the eyes of passersby, just like the Sony Building used to be.

The Sukiyabashi Crossing seen through cherry blossoms. Many people are coming and going, and colorful gerbera artwork is displayed on a temporary construction fence in the background.

Operations for rebirth as the new Ginza Sony Park

The seasons change, and people move to and fro every day in Ginza. We are recording its rebirth process as a new Ginza Sony Park inside a corner of Sukiyabashi Crossing with videos and photos that depict rarely seen images of work on the construction site.

A view of the Sukiyabashi Crossing and the new Ginza Sony Park under construction from directly overhead.

One day in Ginza and the Sony Building

The district, the times, and the people all relate to the Sony Building in some way. We recorded one ordinary day from various different angles.

Exterior of Sony Building

A concept continuously inherited since 1966

Ginza Sony Park: a park in the heart of the metropolis that brings rhythm to the city and its people. The concept and general idea have been inherited from the 33 m² "Garden in Ginza" that was open to the public when the Sony Building was first established.

A large crowd surrounds “Fountain of Love” charity event modeled on the Trevi Fountain