Sony Park Exhibition AUDIO GAME CENTER +

The venue of the Sony Park Exhibition “AUDIO GAME CENTER +”

Introducing the Audio Game Center sound-only arcade for visitors to enjoy games without visuals such as video

This event welcomes Miyuki Tanaka, whose activities reforge an understanding of expressions such as movies, dance, and games through senses other than sight, to introduce the Audio Game Center sound-only arcade for visitors to enjoy games without visuals such as video on B3/Basement 3. Visitors can play action and racing games experienced through sound as well as a new horror game using Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Technologies.

Visitors can imagine a world unfolding from sound to play and enjoy experiencing new games while bringing forth their perception and a fresh awareness of space by sharpening their hearing, one of our human senses.

Duration: 2021.6.26 - 7.18

Location: PARK B3/Basement 3

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* This program has finished.

[Instagram] The “Audio Burger” sold by Kamapan & Friends at PARK B3/Basement 3⁠
[Instagram] “Screaming Strike neo,” a rhythm action game where you strike to match the sounds
[Instagram] “Screaming Strike neo,” a rhythm action game where you strike to match the sounds
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Ginza Sony Park encountered AUDIO GAME CENTER and had the idea of implementing its new expressions, which allow visitors to set themselves free, here.

And so, here and now in Ginza, we created the AUDIO GAME CENTER + encompassing the thoughts and ideas of AUDIO GAME CENTER.

We have also challenged ourselves to create new audio games using Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Technologies.

Feel free to experience amazing audio games with scenes that have no visual information at all, so they can only be perceived by sharpening your hearing.

Toward a future in which all people can share inspiration.

Ginza Sony Park

Exhibition outline

Storytelling Horror Game Where the Ghosts Are

A storytelling horror game in which you pursue memories using sound, guided by a female ghost who was formerly your friend. Why has she, who addresses you familiarly, materialized before you again? Explore a space built with Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Technologies and choose sound clues to advance the story. The game is a collaboration with guest artists including Kilala Inori (voice acting), Kana Fujiwara (script), and Manami Kakudo (music).

*Children under 12 years old cannot play.

Game design/concept: Miyuki Tanaka

Game design/script: Kana Fujiwara

Music: Manami Kakudo

Recording/mixing: Makoto Oshiro

Technological development: A-KAK Co., Ltd.; Yasuaki Kakehi

Technological cooperation: Sony PCL Inc.

Voice acting: Kilala Inori

Musical performance: Hiroki Chiba, double bass and violin

Yumiko Iwao, cello

Rie Takeuchi, saxophone and clarinet

Tomoyuki Akiu, percussion

Manami Kakudo, percussion and horagai conch

Hirofumi Nakamura, accordion

Storytelling Horror Game Where the Ghosts Are

Racing Game Super Audio Racing

A racing game in which players drive race cars with the help of a "guide melody" to tell them the direction to take. By turning the steering wheel to chase the melody moving from left to right, you can drive the course without getting lost. Try for first place while imagining the world around you by listening to an impassioned play-by-play of the race as you travel the course.

Game design/development: Tomoyasu Taka

Voice acting/music: Nanapoconne

Voice acting: Hiroki Kaimoto

Editorial supervision: Yasuaki Kakehi

Racing Game Super Audio Racing

Rhythm Action Game Screaming Strike neo

A new-sensation audio game that sought the exhilirating feeling of drumming. The only rule is to drum to the beat. In the "Zombie Edition," enthusastically strike and defeat approaching enemies, discerning the direction they are coming from by sound and attacking them before they get you! The "Flying Tile Edition" is a game in which you hit and break boards or tiles with a punch to be proud of. Destroy the boards and tiles that make noise as they come flying.

Game design/development: Yukio Nozawa

Concept: Hideyuki Kato

Narration: Naoya Kitamura

Fixture design: Kenichi Okada

Production assistant: Natsumi Wada

Planning: DDD Project

Rhythm Action Game Screaming Strike neo

Comments from Miyuki Tanaka (producer of AUDIO GAME CENTER)

It is said that humans get 80 percent of their information from sight. To go along with that, diverse visual expressions have been developed to attract the eye, and everday life is overflowing with visual stimulation. On the other hand, there are blind people who live each day making use of various senses other than sight with which humans are equipped, such as hearing and touch.

In the game world, which often progresses with images taking the lead, there are games that have been made, principally with blind people as their creators, that depend on a variety of types of sounds. This project began after a meeting with one of the designers of such games, project member Yukio Nozawa. In the course of developing games together, I guessed the structure of spaces, became aware of the existence of objects from the echoes of noises, and was once again made to realize the wealth of information held in sound.

Visitors will experience three different audio games in this exhibition. I would be delighted for visitors to touch on expanding their imaginations from sound and the fun of sharing experiences using sound through each game.


AUDIO GAME CENTER creates audio games in which users play using sound and conducts activities exploring the potential of sound-created experiences using various media and locations, such as hackathons, online streaming, and podcasts. It is a cooperative project consisting of members and collaborators active in diverse fields, such as blind people, designers, researchers, programmers, and curators. The group began work in 2016 and holds exhibitions at venues including the Tokyo Game Show and Spiral. Their work was a jury selection in the Entertainment Division at the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival.

Members: Hiroshi Inukai, Kenichi Okada, Yasuaki Kakehi, Hideyuki Kato, Tomoyasu Taka, Miyuki Tanaka, Yukio Nozawa, and Natsumi Wada

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Sony Park Exhibition AUDIO GAME CENTER + Overview


2021.6.26 (Sat)-2021.7.18 (Sun)

* This program has finished.


PARK B3/Basement 3


free admission (number of people limited, no reservation necessary)


#audiogamecenter #sonypark展