Sony Park Exhibition "ONE DAY, 2050 / Sci-Fi Prototyping - Sony Design"

Sony Park展 「ONE DAY, 2050 / Sci-Fi Prototyping - Sony Design」
The venue of the Sony Park Exhibition “ONE DAY, 2050 / Sci-Fi Prototyping – Sony Design”

Sony designers used Sci-Fi prototyping to depict "Tokyo in 2050" in collaboration with science fiction writers. The designers and writers explored four themes—well-being, habitat, sense, and life—and their creative effort resulted in a series of design prototypes and short science fiction stories. You are invited to experience "possible futures" through design prototyping and short science-fiction-based films.

Duration: 2021.8.31 - 9.13

Hour: 11:00 - 19:00

Location: PARK B3 / Basement 3

Cost:free admission (no advance reservation needed/limited number of people)

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* This program has finished.

[Instagram] “ONE DAY, 2050 / Sci-Fi Prototyping,” where Sony designers depict “Tokyo in 2050” in collaboration with science fiction writers
[Instagram] “ONE DAY” has a double meaning showing both “a certain day” and a “future to come,” and it also contains the strong desire to “make that day a reality at all costs.” View of the venue
[Instagram] Sci-fi short stories written by four sci-fi writers are lined up at the venue
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In the days gone by, we saw changes unfold in the day-to-day
that we did not even imagine.

Fast-forward to the future of Tokyo in 2050.

What you behold may be a scene out of a science fiction story
you conjured up in the past that now has become a reality.

When that day comes, who will be standing next to you?

What will be your thoughts ?

ONE DAY, 2050 -
Let our imagination soar and envision a time to come.

Exhibition Content

Theme 1: WELL-BEING, 2050

2In 2050, no matter how much technology may have advanced, it is probably impossible to completely eliminate all failures and other things that create stress in life. Helping people acquire the resilience to bounce back from setbacks may therefore enhance their well-being.

Design Prototype: Resilience Program

An AI therapist in 2050 that helps people acquire resilience. This design prototype shows how the AI therapist will sense changes in your stress levels and emotion, and what kind of appearance it will take on to relieve stress.


Theme 2: HABITAT, 2050

In 2050, it is said that there will be more "climate refugees" who have lost their homes due to the impact of climate change, as well as emigrants who have been forced to leave their countries due to political problems. There may also come a time in the future when people live in floating mobile houses that drift across the world's oceans.

Design Prototype: Floating Habitat

When people from a wide range of cultural spheres are living on the ocean, how do people coexist with other people or with the environment? This design prototyping examines people's life at sea in 2050 and the ecosystem they create from the perspective of housing.


Theme 3: SENSE, 2050

The pandemic has brought with it a new culture of wearing a face mask. That culture may still be alive even in 2050. For this theme, we conceived of a new face mask as a key entertainment item that uses the sense of smell, whereas traditional entertainment focused on vision and hearing.

Design Prototype: Sensorial Entertainment

What will entertainment be like in 2050, when smell can be enjoyed as part of an entertainment? Our design prototyping explores the concept of a service and tool that can reproduce past scents based on vast amounts of emotion data that have been stored.

SENSE, 2050

Theme 4: LIFE, 2050

In 2050, a new social security system including a universal basic income may be implemented. In such a society, people may differentiate between "jobs" that are necessary to sustain people's lives and "work" one does purely to enjoy life. Such differentiation may change people's lifestyles and how they plan their lives.

Design Prototype: Life Simulator

In a society where values and lifestyles are more diverse, people will demand life planning that is optimized for each individual. We developed the concept of a service that allows people to simulate their lives and possibilities with great accuracy.

LIFE, 2050


Sony PCL Inc.

Wired Sci-Fi Prototyping Lab

Writer Bios



Born in 1971 in Amami Oshima, Japan. In 2012, he self-published an e-book titled Gene Mapper, a science fiction novel he wrote while working for a software firm. The novel became the best-selling Kindle book in the "novels and literature category." His major works include Orbital Cloud, which won the Japan SF Award and the Seiun Award in the Japanese novel category, and Hello, World! , which won the Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for New Writers.



Born in 1985 in Tokyo. Her science fiction romance novel Pure, which depicts a world where women cannot become pregnant unless they devour their male partner after sexual intercourse, generated a huge buzz on social media as soon as the entire novel was published on note, Hayakawa Publishing Corporation's online magazine. She is the author of Rojiura no Wonbin (U-NEXT) a science fiction set in a fictional Asian city in the 1980s and Maison Toki no Yu (POPLAR Publishing ) and more.



Graduated from the master's program of the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, the University of Tokyo. They are a member of the second class of Genron Ohmori Science Fiction Writers' Workshop. In 2018, they made their debut as a writer with The Reciprocal Universe, which won an award of merit for the second Genron SF Prize for New Writers. In 2020, they published "Sore demo Watashi wa Eien ni Hatarakitai (Still, I Want to Work Forever)" in the August 2020 issue of the S-F Magazine, and "2259" in the January 2021 issue of Syosetsu Subaru.



Born in 1992. Studied architecture in the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. In 2017, he debuted as a writer with Cornutopia, a novella that won the grand prize in the fifth Hayakawa SF Contest. He writes novels on various themes ranging from design and creatures to landscapes.

Sony Park Exhibition Overview

Sony Park Exhibition "ONE DAY, 2050 / Sci-Fi Prototyping - Sony Design" Overview


2021.8.31 (Tue) - 9.13 (Mon), 11:00-19:00

* This program has finished.


PARK B3 / Basement 3


free admission (no advance reservation needed/limited number of people)

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#oneday2050 #sonypark展