Q. Do I need to make reservations in advance for entrance admission?

No limitation nor requirements upon entry, though we may limit entry due to the crowdedness of the avenue.

Q. Is there restriction for age?

There will be no age restriction upon enrty. However there are some contents which are for over 6 years old.

Q. Would there be any case of entry restriction?

We may have to limit the number of entries depending on the crowdedness.

Q. What is the best way to get to the venue?

Exit Eight Ave 23st off the subway and walk for 10 minitue.

Q. Is there a parking area at the site?

No there is no parking area. We recommend you to use pblic transportation.

Q. Is it possible to store belongings upon entry?

There is no storage for belongings.

Q. Are photographs allowed inside the venue?

In this exhibition,you may photograph/film the artworks/areas.

Q. Are strollers allowed inside of the venue?

Yes they are.

Q. Is there any storage for strollers and carry cases?

We do not have a designated area for strollers to be stored.

Q. Are wheelchairs allowed for entry?

Yes they are. However there are only stairs to the 2F which means 1F is the only floor you cxan access.

Q. Do you sell any goods/items related of the event?

We do not plan to sell any items.