Sony Park Exhibition GAME with okazakitaiiku

Sony Park展
Sony Park Exhibition ①GAME with okazakitaiiku

An encounter with new thrills and excitement inspired by PlayStation®, including successive generations of titles selected by Taiiku Okazaki

Video games are a unique form of entertainment allowing us to actively experience fantasies that could not exist in our world. We can connect with people and share time through games. Ginza Sony Park has heralded the theme "Gaming gives us tales of growth," believing these things called "games" are like social meeting places where people playing for the first time and experienced players alike can freely throw off their reserve.

The PlayStation® game console has also fostered a gathering-place-like gaming culture with many partners and fans. This exhibition floor brings together images of successive generations of PlayStations and game titles, and visitors can encounter PlayStation trivia that will make them want to talk to other people. Artist Taiiku Okazaki has also selected successive generations of PlayStation titles from his own gaming experience to match the "tales of growth" theme. In addition to an area where visitors can play demos of some of those titles on real PlayStation consoles from over the years, there will be hands-on areas for the PlayStation® 5 and a driving simulator on offer.

A large counter with successive generations of controllers embedded will be installed in the center of the venue as a symbol of the Ginza Sony Park gathering place.

Won't you spend some time at a gathering place where you can encounter new thrills and excitement inspired by PlayStation?

Duration: 2021.6.26-7.7

Hour: 11:00-19:00

Location: PARK B2/Basement 2


* This program has finished.

[Instagram] Scene inside the venue of Sony Park Exhibition “①Gaming gives us tales of growth.” with okazakitaiiku
[Instagram] okazakitaiiku singing at the venue of Sony Park Exhibition “①Gaming gives us tales of growth.” with okazakitaiiku during the linked Park Live in July 2021
[Instagram] Signboard installed on the grounds of Ginza Sony Park announcing Sony Park Exhibition “①Gaming gives us tales of growth.” with okazakitaiiku
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Gaming is a social place.

What comes to mind when you think of social places?

Places where people gather and talk.

Places where strangers, as well as people you know, can meet and enjoy carefree mingling.

Places where people can become friends by playing games together, or good players can
show off their skills for others to enjoy.

Games play a central role in connecting and expanding the circle of friends. That's what
Ginza Sony Park thinks of as being a social place.

PlayStation® has also cultivated a gaming culture like a social place, with the help of
numerous partners and fans.

Come and play at Ginza Sony Park's social place where PlayStation® has provided an
opportunity for you to enjoy new encounters and excitement.

Ginza Sony Park

Comments from Taiiku Okazaki

Hello! This is Taiiku Okazaki. I have participated in this event in the video game field.

For me, an only child, PlayStation has always been by my side since my early years of elementary school. It takes me to all kinds of worlds when I turn on the console and hold the controller, whether I am lonely or happy.

Explore the history of that magical treasure box with me.

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Exhibition outline

Play Stand

Play Stand, a large counter that could also be called a symbol of the Ginza Sony Park gathering place, will be installed in the center of the exhibition floor. It will be jam-packed with gadgets that make visitors want to talk to other people, such as monitors playing videos of successive generations of PlayStation game titles and a countertop embedded with successive generations of PlayStation controllers. QR codes that let you encounter PlayStation trivia to enjoy with Taiiku Okazaki are dotted throughout the area, so be sure to try to find them.

Play Stand

Playlist by Taiiku Okazaki

Taiiku Okazaki has selected works from successive generations of game titles for PlayStation, PlayStation® 2, PlayStation® 3, and PlayStation® 4 to match the theme "Gaming gives us tales of growth." Scan the QR codes with a smartphone to enjoy narrated content introducing games mixed with his memories and anecdotes at the venue. Visitors can play some titles on real PlayStation consoles from over the years.

Playlist by岡崎体育

Face Change Photo Booth

A photo booth that merges your face with Taiiku Okazaki's. You are welcome to take a commemorative photograph at this gathering place, encouraged by the voice of Taiiku Okazaki.

Pictures can be downloaded using a QR code. Feel free to share them on social media.

Playlist by岡崎体育

GT SPORT Circuit

Gran Turismo SPORT from the very popular Gran Turismo series that has continued since 1996, for more than 20 years. Introducing the latest in-store installation of the game! Players can experience realistic driving simulations on real-world and original courses.

GT SPORT サーキット


Visitors can experience Astro's Playroom, the game pre-installed on the latest-model PlayStation® 5 released at the end of last year, on a large-screen projector. Through this adventure with a sweet and charming character, players may discover tidbits of knowledge hidden in PlayStation's history.


Online content

Customers can enjoy a virtual walkthrough experience and online events in which artists perform.


We offer a walkthrough experience of Sony Park Exhibition venues that can be enjoyed even by customers from remote locations.

『GAME with okazakitaiiku』

・Preview/interview video from Taiiku Okazaki

Videos will be released sharing a preview of the venue, a look at enjoying the exhibition while checking it before it was open to the general public, and a special interview with Taiiku Okazaki. (To be available during the event)

Preview/interview video from Taiiku Okazaki

Click here for the description of the video content
*Japanese language only

・Park Live

Taiiku Okazaki will appear on Park Live, the program that offers . The event will be available through online streaming on YouTube (free to watch).

[Park Live] okazakitaiiku, July 6, 2021 (Tue.) 21:00 announcement visual

【Park Live】okazakitaiiku 2021.7.6(tue)21:00~

Taiiku Okazaki Profile

Born in Uji, Kyoto, Taiiku Okazaki made his major-label debut with the album BASIN TECHNO, released in May 2016. The song "MUSIC VIDEO" on that same album won the New Face Award in the Entertainment Division of the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival. All three of Okazaki's original albums have entered the Oricon Top 10 charts. He has been active in multiple areas such as appearances in commercials, movies, and television series and staged a one-man show at Saitama Super Arena in June 2019. This one-man show in front of 18,000 people, was the first of that scale in Saitama Super Arena history, achieved great success.Okazaki's first arena performance in Kansai in February 2020, held at EDION Arena Osaka and called OKAZAKI ROCK FESTIVAL 2020, then drew much attention as a "one-man festival." His tie-in album dedicated to theme songs, including the theme song for Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, was released in December.

Taiiku Okazaki's official website

Taiiku Okazaki's official YouTube channel

Sony Park展 全体プログラム

Sony Park Exhibition GAME with okazakitaiiku Overview


2021.6.26 (Sat)-7.7 (Wed)

* This program has finished.

Hour 11:00-19:00
Location PARK B2/Basement 2

free admission (some admission by advance reservation [first-come-first-served])