Sony Park Exhibition MUSIC with Tamio Okuda

Sony Park展
Sony Park Exhibition ②MUSIC with Tamio Okuda

Tamio Okuda will publicly create two new musical pieces in his "Cantabile IN THE PARK," and visitors can also experience musical travel by going around listening to songs that more than 130 artists feel were a journey!

Music is entertainment that describes feelings we cannot realize by ourselves and lets us actively unleash our own emotions. Through music, people can generate the driving force to continue living each day. Artists repeat a dialogue with themselves over and over again in the process of creating music, and the thoughts encompassed when we meet with that music inspire our souls.

Ginza Sony Park has heralded the theme "Music comes after a long journey," believing that music, like travel, is something that encapsulates value from the form of its creation, with artists drifting, wandering, and roaming through their inner selves as if taking a long journey.

Now more than 130 artists connected with Ginza Sony Park, such as by appearing in the Park Live segment that has continued since our opening in 2018, including Tamio Okuda, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and Daiki Tsuneta, have selected their own songs that make them feel music comes after a long journey.

In addition, Tamio Okuda will give a revival performance of his public "Hitori Cantabile," in which he recorded multiple layers of audio by himself, in the Park. On the two days of July 13 (Tue) and 17 (Sat), Mr. Okuda himself will work on compositions here, which in itself can be called a journey for the artist. He will create two new songs, and this course of events will be streamed as Park Live performances.

Duration: 2021.7.13-7.24

Hour: 11:00-19:00

Location: PARK B2, B4/Basement 2, Basement 4

Cost: Free admission (advance reservations required only on weekends and holidays)


* This program has finished.

[Instagram] Tamio Okuda shown from behind at the venue of Sony Park Exhibition “Music comes after a long journey.” with Tamio Okuda.
[Instagram] Sony Park Exhibition announcement visual pasted on the pillars of the underground concourse at Ginza Station. The closest one has the number 2 written in black inside a large orange circle
[Instagram] Panels printed with the lyrics of the new songs “Bokuteki Chi” and “Ginza no Sony” which were created at the Tamio Okuda “Cantabile IN THE PARK” held on July 13 and 17 are displayed on the Cantabile set in PARK B4/Basement 4
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Music is a journey.

Music embodies the artist's soul.

We are moved by music when it resonates with our hearts, and fills us with warmth, or brings tears to our eyes.

Artists communicate with their own souls and express themselves through music.

They drift, wander and stray…
as if on a long journey.

Perhaps we are drawn to music because of its journey-like preciousness.

Sony's music also set off on a new journey in 1968 with the launch of CBS/Sony Records.

It was a journey to create a diverse musical culture with numerous artists and fans.

Come and enjoy the musical experience of a journey through the souls of artists, created by Ginza Sony Park and musicians.

Ginza Sony Park

Comments from Tamio Okuda

I have always been involved with music ever since I was a child, so to say that music comes after a long journey is true from my perspective. I would like to record sounds on the days of my performances like a journal for each of those days.

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Exhibition outline

And so, music sets out on a journey.

More than 130 artists connected with Ginza Sony Park will participate in this exhibition on the theme, "Tell us about a song of yours that makes you feel music comes after a long journey," including Tamio Okuda and musicians who have appeared in our Park Live segment and joined or collaborated in our experimental programs.

Plug the headphone jack handed to you at reception into the boxes gathered in our venue, which is similar to the baggage claim at an airport. A little trip that you can only experience here and now begins as you go around listening to various songs that the artists themselves believe, from among their own compositions, are a "journey." You may come across comments narrated by those same artists. Encounter what kinds of songs the artists selected and which artists have narrated comments at the actual venue.

Participating artists (in random order):Tamio Okuda, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Daiki Tsuneta (King Gnu, millennium parade), Ayase (YOASOBI), Creepy Nuts, Taiiku Okazaki, Shuta Hasunuma (Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra), Ayatake Ezaki (WONK), U-zhaan, SASUKE, Ichiko Aoba, BIGYUKI, AAAMYYY, UA, Huwie Ishizaki, Non, Sakura Fujiwara, Kawabe Moto and nakayaan (Mitsume), Moeka Shiotsuka (Hitsujibungaku), Utena Kobayashi, Julia Shortreed, ermhoi (Black Boboi), DJ Misoshiru MC Gohan, Arto Lindsay, etc.

“And so, music sets out on a journey” exhibition
A box signed by Tamio Okuda, where “Iijuu Rider” can be listened to.
Three vertical signage monitor displaying the names of over 130 participating artists and the names of their songs

Tamio Okuda "Cantabile IN THE PARK"

For a limited time, Tamio Okuda will give a revival performance of his public "Hitori Cantabile," in which he recorded multiple layers of audio by himself, at Ginza Sony Park on B4/Basement 4. On the two days of July 13 (Tue) and July 17 (Sat), Mr. Okuda himself will actually publicly create new songs.

This course of events will be live streamed on Ginza Sony Park's official YouTube channel as Park Live performances.

A figure of the familiar RAMEN CURRY MUSIC RECORDS character Hello Diggin and a pea-green sofa will be left on the stage, and during the event period visitors can also see the set of equipment actually used by Tamio Okuda. Be sure not to miss the experience of the journey of Tamio Okuda's composition work while watching videos of the act of composing a song done here.

*There is restricted admission to B4/Basement 4 on the Park Live performance dates.

Park Live

Dates and times/streaming websites:

Scheduled for 2021.7.13 (Tue), 17:00-19:00

Scheduled for 2021.7.17 (Sat), 17:00-19:00

Performer: Tamio Okuda⁠

What is "Hitori Cantabile"?

"Hitori Cantabile" was an unprecedented tour that began in March 2010, in which Tamio Okuda publicly recorded multiple layers of audio by himself. He recorded new songs all on his own, thoroughly explaining the process from the work of laying tracks for drums, guitar, bass, main vocals, and chorus to mixing the sound, for a special event that communicated the fun of recording.

Tamio Okuda's (RAMEN CURRY MUSIC RECORDS') official YouTube channel:

奥田民生 / 2021.7.17 [Sat] 17:00 online

Online content

Customers can enjoy a virtual walkthrough experience and online events in which artists perform.


We offer a walkthrough experience of Sony Park Exhibition venues that can be enjoyed even by customers from remote locations.

『MUSIC with Tamio Okuda』

・Preview/interview video from Tamio Okuda

Videos will be released sharing Tamio Okuda's own preview of the venue, a look at him enjoying the exhibition while checking it before it was open to the general public, and a special interview. (To be available during the event)

Preview/interview video from Tamio Okuda

Click here for the description of the video content
*Japanese language only

・Park Live

The course of events of "Cantabile IN THE PARK" will be live streamed on the two days of July 13 (Tue) and 17 (Sat) as Park Live performances. (Scheduled for 17:00-19:00)

[Park Live] Tamio Okuda, July 13, 2021 (Tue.) 17:00 announcement visual [Park Live] Tamio Okuda, July 17, 2021 (Sat.) 17:00 announcement visual

【Park Live】 Tamio Okuda 2021.7.13(tue)17:00~

【Park Live】 Tamio Okuda 2021.7.17(sat)17:00~

A problem occurs in which the video and sound stop from 1:31:11. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are currently inquiring with YouTube as to the cause of the issue and its solution.

【Park Live】 Tamio Okuda 2021.7.17(sat)latter part

・"Cantabile IN THE PARK" original merchandise

"Cantabile IN THE PARK" original goods will be sold online on the special website, including work shirts and keychains. Product details will be made available on the special website on July 12 (Mon) at 12:00.

・Announcement of details: 2021.7.12 (Mon) at 12:00

・Sales begin: 2021.7.13 (Tue) at 12:00

* Online sales on the special website have ended.


Tamio Okuda profile

Tamio Okuda was born in Hiroshima in 1965. He made his major-label debut with the band UNICORN in 1987. In 1994, he began his professional activities as a solo artist with the single "Ai no Tame ni." He has also fully demonstrated his talents in collaborations with various artists and as a producer. His work takes a variety of forms, such as playing with a band on "MTR&Y"; accompanying himself on "Hitori Matatabi"; and the homemade, DIY analog recording of Cantan Cantabile. He has released videos on YouTube one after another, including for Cantan Teletabile, in which he connects with guests to talk remotely and offer a series of performances, and Cantan Virtuabile, in which he performs against virtual backdrops. He is loved not only by listeners but also by musicians for his distinctive activities.

Tamio Okuda's (RAMEN CURRY MUSIC RECORDS') official YouTube channel:

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Sony Park展 全体プログラム

Sony Park Exhibition MUSIC with Tamio Okuda


2021.7.13 (Tue)-7.24 (Sat)

* This program has finished.



*12:00-19:00 on the first day, 7.13 (Tue)

*There is restricted admission to B4/Basement 4 on 7.13 (Tue) and 7.17 (Thur).

Location PARK B2, B4/Basement 2, Basement 4

Free admission (advance reservations only on weekends and holidays/time slots for admission on weekdays)