Venue 1 The Kyoto Shimbun Bldg. B1F (The Kyoto Shimbun Former Printing Plant)
Venue 1 The Kyoto Shimbun Bldg. B1F (The Kyoto Shimbun Former Printing Plant)

Six hands-on programs by six artists

The main venue will be the former printing plant of The Kyoto Shimbun, which was closed in November 2015 due to integration of the company buildings. Centered on the basement floor with a ceiling height of around 10 m and a space of around 1,000 ㎡, which will be opened to the public for a limited time only, six artists, Taiiku Okazaki, Tamio Okuda, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, millennium parade, YOASOBI and Creepy Nuts will run a variety of fun hands-on programs based on the six themes of Sony's businesses.

Six hands-on programs by six artists

The main venue will be the former printing plant of The Kyoto Shimbun, which was closed in November 2015 due to integration of the company buildings. Centered on the basement floor with a ceiling height of around 10 m and a space of around 1,000 ㎡, which will be opened to the public for a limited time only, six artists, Taiiku Okazaki, Tamio Okuda, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, millennium parade, YOASOBI and Creepy Nuts will run a variety of fun hands-on programs based on the six themes of Sony's businesses.

with okazakitaiiku

with okazakitaiiku

Gaming is a social place.

What comes to mind when you think of social places?
Places where people gather and talk.
Places where strangers, as well as people you know, can meet and enjoy carefree mingling.

Places where people can become friends by playing games together, or good players can show off their skills for others to enjoy.

Games play a central role in connecting and expanding the circle of friends. That's what Ginza Sony Park thinks of as being a social place.

PlayStation® has also cultivated a gaming culture like a social place, with the help of numerous partners and fans.

Come and play at Ginza Sony Park's social place where PlayStation® has provided an opportunity for you to enjoy new encounters and excitement.


Playlist by okazakitaiiku

Taiiku Okazaki has selected works from successive generations of game titles for PlayStation, PlayStation® 2, PlayStation® 3, and PlayStation® 4 to match the theme "Gaming gives us tales of growth." Scan the QR codes with a smartphone to enjoy narrated content introducing games mixed with his memories and anecdotes at the venue. Visitors can play some titles on real PlayStation consoles from over the years.


Face Change Photo Booth

A photo booth that merges your face with Taiiku Okazaki's. You are welcome to take a commemorative photograph at this gathering place, encouraged by the voice of Taiiku Okazaki.
Pictures can be downloaded using a QR code. Feel free to share them on social media.

with Tamio Okuda

with Tamio Okuda

Music is a journey.

Music embodies the artist's soul.

We are moved by music when it resonates with our hearts, and fills us with warmth, or brings tears to our eyes.
Artists communicate with their own souls and express themselves through music.
They drift, wander and stray…
as if on a long journey.
Perhaps we are drawn to music because of its journey-like preciousness.

Sony's music also set off on a new journey in 1968 with the launch of CBS/Sony Records.

It was a journey to create a diverse musical culture with numerous artists and fans.

Come and enjoy the musical experience of a journey through the souls of artists, created by Ginza Sony Park and musicians.

And so, music sets out on a journey.

More than 130 artists connected with Ginza Sony Park will participate in this exhibition on the theme, "Tell us about a song of yours that makes you feel music comes after a long journey," including Tamio Okuda and musicians who have appeared in our Park Live segment and joined or collaborated in our experimental programs.

Plug the headphone jack handed to you at reception into the boxes gathered in our venue, which is similar to the baggage claim at an airport.
It is an experience of listening to and touring through a variety of songs that the artists themselves consider to be "journeys" in their own compositions.

Participating artists (in random order):Tamio Okuda, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Daiki Tsuneta (King Gnu, millennium parade), Ayase (YOASOBI), Creepy Nuts, Taiiku Okazaki, Shuta Hasunuma (Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra), Ayatake Ezaki (WONK), U-zhaan, SASUKE, Ichiko Aoba, BIGYUKI, AAAMYYY, UA, Huwie Ishizaki, Non, Sakura Fujiwara, Kawabe Moto and nakayaan (Mitsume), Moeka Shiotsuka (Hitsujibungaku), Utena Kobayashi, Julia Shortreed, ermhoi (Black Boboi), DJ Misoshiru MC Gohan, Arto Lindsay, etc.

Tamio Okuda "Totsugeki! KyotoMobile"

Venue 2: ROHM Theatre Kyoto



Finance is like poetry.

When we feel anxious, lonely or sad…
we are comforted by the words of others.
Gentle words are like glittering stars in the night sky, showing us the way in the darkness.

There are Life Planners at Sony Life Insurance, who are professionals in planning people's lives.
They have continuously faced each and every customer, and generously communicated with each and every customer in hopes of becoming their guide for planning their lives.

The work they do is like a heartwarming poem.
This inspired Ginza Sony Park to reflect on "life" and "its meaning of life" through poetry.

You may also come across poetry that will guide you through life.

Planet PoemD

Experience a new planetarium program combining music from Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra with stars and poems, exclusive to Ginza Sony Park.

Atsushi Yanaka, responsible for playing baritone saxophone in Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and experienced in composing verse, was in charge of the narration. The poems in the program are works specially written by Atsushi Yanaka to fit the event theme "Finance details life."

As visitors enjoy the extraordinary experience of being enveloped in stars, poems, and music, they are sure to ponder what they would like to protect and value to live in this modern age and realize the need for the poetry (words) that supports the existence of those hopes (Experience time, approximately 11 minutes).


Poem Hunt for 30 Poems

Verses that give a gentle push of encouragement for living have been selected from the lyrics of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra songs. Visitors can look for 30 lyrics scattered in various places across the venue, such as on the ground and in passageways. You might find poetry that empathizes with you and lets you breathe a sigh of relief.

with millennium parade

with millennium parade

Cinema is like forests.

Imagine a lush and expansive forest.
Inside this forest are warm and sunny spots and safe havens, as well as ominous places that are dark and scary.

You could feel anxious or lonely thinking that you may end up wandering around forever.
But you will hopefully feel a sense of relief upon finding your way out of the forest.

Sony Pictures has also brought together the ideas of numerous creators and people captivated by them through cinema, creating a community like a forest.

Ginza Sony Park believes that watching a movie offers an experience that is similar to entering a forest.
It will be a new cinema experience that will allow people to immerse into the creators' perception, like wandering around a forest.

Cinema Forest

Visitors can also encounter 100 awareness-inducing phrases (lines) from Sony Pictures Entertainment film works throughout history.
Moving amid a forest constructed only of dialogue, they will be inspired by the thoughts of the creators of the movies that produced the phrases and come into contact with cinema through lines that move the heart, not through the cast or trailers.
It offers that new cinema experience.
Visitors may also enjoy a similar pleasant feeling in the sense of liberation when they emerge from the forest.


"THE MILLENNIUM PARADE THEATER" overflowing with a unique worldview was created with millennium parade, that has garnered significant notice as an advocate of new value, and the creative label PERIMETRON, which manages their artwork.

The special video that will be screened is a special video work that hints at millennium parade's new activities.
The venue will welcome you with a special theater filled with the artists' creativity, including an exhibition of artwork posters of past songs.



Semiconductors are like science fiction.

"The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed."
This is a quote by the science fiction author, William Gibson.

The autonomous entertainment robot, aibo, and the prototype of a vehicle offering a new form of mobility, VISION-S Prototype, evolved through the use of Sony's semiconductors.
Just like the world of science fiction envisaged by Gibson, Sony's semiconductors have evolved the future that is already here, and the imagination of many people, turning them into reality.

New technologies that turn fantasy into reality will create new communities.

What new experiences can technologies create?
Come and enjoy the SF experience envisaged by Ginza Sony Park.


It's an experience that puts you in the world of the music of "Taisho Roman."
Visitors can illuminate the walls with special "electric lights" to create an interactive visual experience that brings shadow puppet animations to life.
The animations will be an interactive video experience in which visitors peer into the exchange of correspondence between the main characters, based on the plot of the original short story.
Visitors can enjoy the story of their correspondence and the world of the song through a visual experience that is different from the music video.
Guests can also take home original posters printed with the short story.(Limited number of posters available)

with Creepy Nuts

with Creepy Nuts

Electronics are synonymous with street culture.

In 1946, Sony's predecessor, Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, was established in a run-down room in Shirokiya of Nihonbashi that had escaped the fires of war.

A challenging soul rose from the ashes.
The company has always been based on a free and easy-going spirit.
This spirit has created products and services that have delivered excitement to many people and prosperity to the world. Perhaps they are similar to street culture, inspiring the forming of new communities.

Based on this idea, Ginza Sony Park has combined street culture with Sony's spirit to offer a new experience.

Street culture has always changed the world.
That is what Ginza Sony Park believes.

Creepy Nuts "Park Radio"

Creepy Nuts, whose fictional radio show titled "Creepy Nuts "Park Radio" is highly popular among late-night radio listeners, will share the story behind the birth of the Sony brand and Walkman®, as well as quotes from Sony's founders, to reveal the streetwise spirit that underlies the brand from their unique Creepy Nuts will talk about the Sony brand, the birth of the Walkman®, and quotes from Sony's founders.
At the event, you will not only be able to listen to this original program featuring the two, but you will also be able to see related items that they will introduce in unraveling Sony's history and spirit.
The exhibition features more than just this radio program narrated by the two artists. Successive generations of Sony products, advertising images, and numerous related items derived from these that were introduced by Creepy Nuts to decode Sony's history and mentality will be on display.
Visitors are invited to experience Sony's "street" spirit through content that blends unpredictable talks by two members of Creepy Nuts with realistic exhibits.
The venue will also recreate a giant model of the two-in-one television and radio cassette recorder from approximately known by the nickname "the Jackal." Visitors can have a look at Creepy Nuts during the recording of the program on the screen of this gigantic Jackal.


DJ Matsunaga Routines for Ginza Sony Park

Visitors can experience a dynamic, technical performance from world-leading disc jockey DJ Matsunaga with spectacular video and sound in a hands-on space built from three screens. Visitors will enjoy two songs from routines performed by world champion DJ Matsunaga, 2019 winner of the world's largest DJ comeptition the DMC World DJ Championships, with footage and video tracks from various angles fans cannot usually see.

Venue 2 ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Venue 2 ROHM Theatre Kyoto

"My Story, My Sony" Special Exhibit

A special exhibit program that brings together Sony products and entertainment works (i.e., music, movies, and games) from the past under the theme of Sony's history. In addition to products from the past, when Sony was founded, up to the present, the exhibition features Andy Warhol's favorite Walkman® and other products that epitomize the culture of different periods in time, and Sony's connections with users.

Tamio Okuda “Totsugeki! KyotoMobile”

Tamio Okuda "Totsugeki! KyotoMobile"

Tamio Okuda promoted the fun of recording at home through his Kantan Cantabile, and now, he has launched a new mobile Kantan Cantabile project named Totsugeki KyotoMobile. He has converted a camping car into a recording studio known as "Totsugeki-go," which will come to ROHM Square of ROHM Theatre Kyoto.
*"Totsugeki-go" will only be on display during normal hours; a recording event will be held on Nov. 12 (Sat.) only.

Tamio Okuda “Totsugeki! KyotoMobile” Venue 2: ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Tamio Okuda “Totsugeki! KyotoMobile” Venue 2: ROHM Theatre Kyoto

*The application period has ended. Thank you for your application.